05/02/24    Morning Murli    Om Shanti    BapDada    Madhuban

Sweet children, this study is the best. It is this that is called your source of income. If you want to pass this study of yours, continue to follow the Teacherís directions.

While knowing the secrets of the drama, which effort does the Father inspire His children to make?

Baba knows that all the children will become satopradhan, numberwise, but He still inspires them to make effort. He says: Children, make such effort that you donít have to experience punishment. In order to be liberated from punishment, remember the Father with love as much as possible. While walking, sitting and moving around, stay in remembrance and there will be a lot of happiness and the soul will become satopradhan from tamopradhan.

Essence for dharna:
1. Maintain the intoxication that God Himself has mercy for you and that He is teaching you. This study is your source of income and you must therefore not miss it.

2. You have to experience a lot of happiness and also give others this experience. While walking and moving along, be soul conscious, stay in remembrance of the Father and definitely make the soul satopradhan.

May you be a master almighty authority and experience every power in a practical way according to the time.

To be a master means that whatever power you invoke according to the time, you experience that power in a practical form that very moment. As soon as you order it, it should become present. Let it not be that you order the power of tolerance and the power to face comes in front of you instead. That is not called being a master. So, have a trial as to whether the power you need at a particular time comes to you to be used at that time. If there is the difference of even a second, then, instead of being victorious, you would be defeated.

To the extent that your intellect has Godly intoxication, let there be just as much humility in your actions.