06/02/24    Morning Murli    Om Shanti    BapDada    Madhuban

Sweet children, remember the history of your victory and defeat. This is a play of happiness and sorrow. There is three quarters happiness and one quarter sorrow. It is not equal happiness and sorrow.

How is this unlimited drama very wonderful?

This unlimited drama is so wonderful that, whatever happens throughout the whole world at every second, it repeats identically. This drama continues to move like a louse, it continues to tick away. One tick cannot be the same as the next tick. This is why this drama is very wonderful. Whatever parts human beings play, good or bad, they are fixed. Only you children understand this.

Essence for dharna:
1. Become an ocean of love, like the Father, not an ocean of sorrow. Donít perform any acts that would have the Father defamed. Become very sweet and lovely.

2. Become pure with the power of yoga and also enable others to become that. Do the service of changing this forest of thorns into that garden of flowers. Remain constantly happy that your sweet Baba is the Father and also the Teacher. No one is as sweet as He is.

May you be the royal beloved ones at the present time who receive Godís love and affection and thereby in the future too.

At the confluence age, only you fortunate children are worthy of receiving love and affection from the Comforter of Hearts. Only a handful out of multi-millions receive this love and affection from God. With this divine love and affection, you become royal, beloved ones. Royal, beloved ones means to be royal now and royal in the future too. Even before becoming those in the future, you have become self-sovereigns at this time. Just as the praise of the future kingdom is: ďOne kingdom, one religionĒ, in the same way, each soulís kingdom here is united under one canopy, over all the physical senses.

Those who show the Fatherís character through their faces are the ones who are loved by God.