10/02/24    Morning Murli    Om Shanti    BapDada    Madhuban

Sweet children, practise being soul conscious and you will develop divine virtues, your criminal thoughts will end and you will experience infinite happiness.

In order to reform your behaviour and remain constantly happy, what should you always keep in your awareness?

Constantly be aware that you are establishing your deity self-sovereignty. We are leaving the land of death and going to the land of immortality. By doing this, you will remain very happy and your behaviour will be reformed because, in order to go to the land of immortality, the new world, you definitely need divine virtues. In order to attain self-sovereignty you also have to bring benefit to many. You have to show the path to everyone.

Essence for dharna:
1. In order to benefit many, you have to make your words very sweet. Serve with sweet words. Become tolerant.

2. Understand the deep philosophy of karma and conquer the vices. Become deities who are conquerors of the world. Become soul conscious and make your criminal vision civil.

May you share the “Prabhu prasad” (Holy food offered to God) of divine virtues through your elevated acts and become an angel who becomes a deity.

At the present time, whether it is souls without this knowledge or Brahmin souls, both need the donation of virtues. So, now, intensify this method for yourself and for the Brahmin family. These divine virtues are the most elevated “Prabhu prasad”, and so share this prasad to many a great deal. Just as you give one another toli out of love, in the same way, give this toli of divine virtues and, in this way, your aim of becoming deities from angels will easily be visible in all of you.

Constantly wear your armour of yoga and then your enemy Maya, will not be able to attack you.