04/07/24    Morning Murli    Om Shanti    BapDada    Madhuban

Sweet children, move away from the consciousness of brother and sister and consider yourselves to be brothers and your eyes will become civil. Only when you souls become civil eyed can you become karmateet.

What method should you use to remove your defects?

Keep a register of your character and note down your chart every day. By keeping your register, you will know your weaknesses and easily be able to remove them. By gradually removing those defects, you will reach the stage where you remember no one except the one Father. Let there be no attachment to old things. Have no internal desire to ask for anything.

Essence for dharna:
1. Become such a yogi that you don't have the slightest attachment to your body. Do not be attracted to dirty things. Keep your stage far beyond. Keep your mercury of happiness high.

2. Death is above your head, so do not delay carrying in out an auspicious task. Do not put anything off until tomorrow.

May you be liberated from all sins with the power of realisation and not try to be clever with the cleverest Father of all.

Some children try to be clever with the cleverest Father of all in order to prove their service and make their names appear to be good. They do have realisation at that time, but that realisation does not have any power, and so transformation does not take place. Some do understand that it is not right, but they then think that their names should not be spoilt, and so they kill their own consciences. That too is accumulated in the account of sin. Therefore, stop being so clever and transform yourself and be liberated from your sins by having realisation with a true heart.

To be free from all the different bondages in this life is the stage of being liberated in life.