08/07/24    Morning Murli    Om Shanti    BapDada    Madhuban

Sweet children, learn to have mercy for those who defame you, just as the Father does. Also make friends with those who defame you.

What vision of the Father is firm? What vision do you children have to make firm?

The Father's vision of all souls being His children is firm. This is why He continues to say: "Child, child." You can never say: "Child, child" to anyone. You have to make your vision firm that that soul is your brother. See the brother, speak to the brother and there will be spiritual love through that; all criminal thoughts will end. Even those who defame you will become your friends.

Essence for dharna:
1. In order to understand this deep and interesting knowledge, make your intellect into a golden vessel with the pilgrimage of remembrance. Run a race of remembrance.

2. Follow the Father's directions, study with attention and have mercy and blessings for yourself. Give yourself a tilak of self-sovereignty. Consider anyone who defames you to be your friend and also grant him salvation.

May you be an image that grants blessings and does service by incarnating as an incarnation from above.

Just as the Father comes down here from the subtle region to do service, in the same way, you too have to come down from the subtle region to do service. When you do service in this awareness, you will remain constantly detached and be loved by the world, the same as the Father is. To come down here from up above means to come down as an incarnation and do service. Everyone wants an incarnation to come and take them back with him. So, you are the true incarnations who will take everyone back to the land of liberation. When you serve while considering yourself to be an incarnation, you will become an image that grants blessings and the desires of many will be fulfilled.

No matter whether anyone gives you something good or bad, you just have to continue to have mercy for them and give everyone love and co-operation.