Experiencing Spiritual Success In Every Sphere Of Life (Part 1)

We all live our lives in the pursuit of many goals and achievements. Although, life presents to us different types of situations and life in its every moment has something to be achieved. It is in living every moment of our lives in happiness and contentment that true success is attained. On the other hand, reaching important goals and achieving important milestones in life in different spheres is very important. Yet while reaching these goals and milestones and on our journey towards reaching them, if we remain light and keep our actions positive and correct and as a result we remain happy, that is in fact true success.

Very often, when we try and move too fast to our goals, there can be some success achieved. But while reaching that goal if you perform actions that give sorrow to others or you are not honest or you lose hope and confidence or even for that matter your relationships or health our affected because of that, then that is not true success. Success means experiencing a sense of achievement at every step and not just when the final destination is reached. Also, success means sharing good wishes with each other and giving love to each other, giving blessings and taking blessings from each other, serving and sustaining everyone with good qualities and powers and being a good person. Materialistic success in wealth or role but not experiencing success in these different emotional and spiritual terms is not complete success and not 100% success.

To be continued tomorrow )

Message for the day

To be elevated is to perform every task with understanding.

Expression: To understand means to know what to do. So the one who understands and performs the task with this understanding surely performs only elevated tasks. No task is negative, or waste. Nor are actions ordinary, but each and every action is special because there is clear understanding. Others too get inspiration from such actions.

Experience: When there is clear understanding of what I have to do, I am able to do what is right. So in this process, I find that there is a lot of time and energy saved and I am able to move forward very easily. I find that I am able to use my speciality in the right way bringing benefit to myself and others.