Becoming Free From Criticizing And Judging Others

A very important aspect of relationships is interacting with different people with different personalities and different words and actions - some words and actions may be negative and some of them may be positive, but not to our liking or not the same as we expect. In such situations, it's very easy to become critical and judgmental of others and sometimes we even start disliking others and thinking and talking negatively about them. What are a few qualities that we should imbibe so that we can transform this negative aspect of our personality?

1. Spiritual Love - We are all spiritual beings or souls, children of the one Supreme Being or Supreme Soul or God, who is the Ocean of Love. We have the same nature of love as God originally and when we start bringing that original nature of love in our relationships and start looking at everyone with the same vision of spiritual love, their weaknesses do not touch our consciousness and we forgive them easily.

2. Good Feelings And Good Wishes - Good Feelings are positive vibrations that we carry and radiate when we see people's specialties and goodness and good wishes are positive intentions that we have for others when we wish good for them at every step of their lives. Both make us understand others more and we become humble and free from negativity while seeing them.

3. Gratitude - All souls whom we interact with regularly, either in our family or friend circle or professional workplace have at some point of time, done something nice and positive for us and for others. Remembering those beautiful actions of theirs and being grateful for how they are and what they have done helps us see them in a positive light constantly.

4. Tolerance - One of the main reasons why we get disturbed easily by others negativity is that we lack the quality of tolerance. Tolerance increases by imbibing spiritual wisdom shared by God and connecting with God in meditation, who is the Ocean of Tolerance and Patience. He helps us become big-hearted, so that we can adjust with others easily and not criticize or judge them at all.

Message for the day

The ones who see specialities become special.

Expression: To see specialities and ignore negativity is to take a step ahead by imbibing those specialities. This creates a habit of seeing, taking in and expressing only positive qualities. So whatever the person may be, whatever his qualities may be, there is only a connection of positivity with him.

Experience: When I am able to relate to everyone in this way with only specialities, I become special. I also find others responding positively to me and using only their speicialities while in contact with me. There are also a lot of good wishes that I receive from others because of my positive attitude.